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Welcome from Constance
I like telling stories and people always ask me where I get my ideas. I tell them that I look at people and I listen – to snatches of overheard conversations in restaurants, while standing in check-out lines in grocery or department stores or even on street corners while waiting for the light to change. Everyone has a story and even though I hear only a minute or so of the dialogue I turn that tiny bit of information into a “what if?” situation. Suppose the woman counting her change in the grocery store is down to her last dollar? Suppose the flowers just bought from a street vendor is an “I love you” bouquet from an older married husband to simply tell his wife he loves her? And that “what if?” begins the novel. Endless situations, endless possibilities and endless stories. And I hope you like reading mine.
Just Released by Constance Walker
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As an infant, Gwynneth Morys was left in a basket on the steps of a simple cottage in the South of Wales. Now, the kindly couple who raised her have died; she is an orphan once again, totally alone in the world with only her odd, recurring dreams - dreams of a towering mansion on the moors...a beautiful lady in a pale green gown...a tall man whose dark eyes speak of love.

Bereft of funds and family, Gwynneth has no choice but to accept the only offer of work to come her way - a position as a companion to an elderly woman in the North of Wales. And as Gwynneth approaches the many-turreted manor house rising out of the mist, close by the fog-enshrouded moors and still closer to the roiling sea, she knows that this is the place she has dreamed of all her life.

But not even in her dreams was Gwynneth aware of the tragic death of Lady Jane's only daughter, or the dark desire for vengeance that still burns in the old woman's heart. Nor does she guess than an enemy - her enemy - lurks among the shadowy towers, waiting for her to climb a certain flight of stairs to the one turret from which there could be no escape...and no one to hear her plea for mercy.