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A painting of a beautiful woman…the scent of summer roses… a magnificent home by the sea… and mortal danger.

“There, Miss, that be Ganymede House in the distance,” says the driver of her carriage as newly impoverished Sarah Scott gets her first glimpse of the magnificent house in Yorkshire, England, where she will live as tutor for the two children of widower Oliver Grayson. But, unknown to the young woman, she is about to venture into a bleak home where the children are silent, the master morose, the servants suspicious and the family history forbidding.

And, as she begins to take on the responsibility for the children’s education, Sarah finds herself caught up in the hostile spirit that permeates Ganymede - the portrait of Oliver’s wife, Rosamunda, that is locked away in an unused bedroom; the mysterious scent of roses in rooms where no one has entered; the mystery surrounding Rosamunda’s death and the banishment of the mother’s imprint on the children and the manor. Slowly Sarah comes to realize that evil inhabits the house and that she no longer is an outsider to the family - what stalks and touches Ganymede now touches her.
  • “The author’s command of the English language is suberb and the paranormal plot reminiscent of Jane Eyre…this story is among the best titles I’ve read in years.”
  • “”Loved this book and I would recommend it to all…one of those books that you can’t put down.”
  • “Throwback to the old ’70’s and ’80’s Gothic. Loved it!”
  • “This book is amazing. I recommend it to those who love reading Gothic mysteries.”
  • “It was awesome!”

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As an infant, Gwynneth Morys was left in a basket on the steps of a simple cottage in the South of Wales. Now, the kindly couple who raised her have died; she is an orphan once again, totally alone in the world with only her odd, recurring dreams - dreams of a towering mansion on the moors...a beautiful lady in a pale green gown...a tall man whose dark eyes speak of love.

Bereft of funds and family, Gwynneth has no choice but to accept the only offer of work to come her way - a position as a companion to an elderly woman in the North of Wales. And as Gwynneth approaches the many-turreted manor house rising out of the mist, close by the fog-enshrouded moors and still closer to the roiling sea, she knows that this is the place she has dreamed of all her life.

But not even in her dreams was Gwynneth aware of the tragic death of Lady Jane's only daughter, or the dark desire for vengeance that still burns in the old woman's heart. Nor does she guess that an enemy - her enemy - lurks among the shadowy towers, waiting for her to climb a certain flight of stairs to the one turret from which there could be no escape...and no one to hear her plea for mercy.
  • “The Shimmering Stones of Winter’s Light— “recommended by Melinda Curtis, HAPPY EVER AFTER, USA TODAY
  • “Her cliche-free writing goes beyond craftmanship and into the realm of art.”
  • “Elegant prose that reminded me at times of novels by Thomas Hardy or the hushed, brooding tone of Daphne DuMaurier.”
  • “I absolutely loved this book. The characters were surprising and the ending…no way could I guess.”
  • “Reminds me of…favorite classic books Jane Eyre and Oliver Twist.”
  • “Constance Walker’s extraordinary ability to describe scenes and emotions pulls the reader in…”
  • “Great read. Loved the mystery.”
  • “This story had me from the very first page. Highly recommend.”
  • “It’s a perfect read for a rainy day.”