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Katie Jarvis has to make a decision about the rest of her life…

Kate Jarvis knows that her engagement to fellow school teacher Jason King may not be the love match of the century but she feels secure and comfortable with her upcoming marriage because “Jason and I want the same things. We have the same values.”

But Katie has to rethink her orderly life when, on a winter skiing vacation, she meets and quickly falls in love with Sam Hubbard. Sam’s the opposite of Jason - he’s spur-of-the-moment, likes taking chances and his job takes him out of the country for weeks at a time.

Sam has fallen in love with Katie and in the seven days that they spend together at Cedar Crest Lodge he tries to persuade her to marry him. But Katie’s afraid to listen to her heart - her father’s business traveling was the reason her parents divorced and long ago she vowed that she would not let that happen to her.

But love has a way of not always conforming to set ideas and Katie has to rethink her engagement to Jason, her instantaneous love for Sam and then make the decision about the rest of her life.
Reader Reviews - WARM WINTER LOVE
  • “No one explores the yearnings of the human heart better than Constance Walker. She writes with depth and understanding that all authors strive for but few ever achieve. Her characters sping to life on the page, and their story will linger in your heart long after you close this book. Warm up your life with WARM WINTER LOVE!” Barbara Brett, author of Between Two Eternities
  • “Constance Walker gives us stories that make us forget where we are in time. Whether Gothic novel or modern fiction she pulls the reader onto the canvas with her artistry of strong characters and winding plots. Her work embodies many genres as she covers a miliou of human experience, historical eras, and venues.”Mary Pat Tuxbury, author of A Proper Cup of Tea
  • “The main character, Katie, is relatable to any woman who has ever had to make a tough choice.”
  • “The reader is pulled into Katie’s life with such creative narrative that you think she’s an old friend by the end of the first chapter.”